Sunday, January 9, 2011


Trust. I realised on Saturday morning, at 3:56am, that trust is the strong hand that grasps for Hope. If we didn't trust that life could be different...situations could change...or that God would intervene in a moment of absolute desperation...then our hope would be futile.

I watched someone I love very much leave a body riddled with cancer, and step instantly into a heavenly, eternal existence. She trusted and loved Jesus for as long as I knew her...she was a tirelessly compassionate, committed child of God. She is my mothers sister...she is my aunt.

When she was diagnosed, she put full trust in the Lord to heal her...and trusted that He would take care of her. She extended her hand of trust toward heaven, and hoped.

She wasn't healed this side of heaven. She passed away in front of my eyes...and I knew in that instant, that she was new. She was in a perfect body, she was in the arms of her Saviour. He didn't abandon her...He didn't let her down...He came to get her. Her hopes were realized as she looked in His kind face, and He embraced her like an old friend that He had been waiting for with anticipation. I imagine that she wept in His strong arms...tears of joy, gratitude and overwhelming love. He took her to the the homecoming. She had returned from a long journey...and she's now home.

So, for my Aunt Sharan...I thank you for the privilege of witnessing your unshakeable faith. I can't say I am that strong...not by a long shot. I am humbled and honoured that you let me be there as you stepped out of your sick, tired, broken body, and met our Jesus. I can only imagine that place called Glory. I know you will keep your promise to me when I get there. Thank you for going ahead of always were braver than most and loved an adventure.

But until then...I can only imagine.


  1. Glory be to God ! Thank you Jenn for sharing this precious moment with us ... Love you <3

  2. ***Crying*** Thanks J, you put it perfectly. Love~Susie

  3. My dear Jenn, I had so hoped 2011 would bring you happiness, not sadness.

    But... a re-read makes me realise that perhaps it's not sadness, but peace, acceptance and understanding. Your wisdom never ceases to impress me!

    Still, big hugs to you during this time. Stay strong.

  4. Jenn, this is beautiful. Thank you for such a wonderful tribite to Sharan. She would have been so humbled to think that she had left such a heritage because I don't think she had any idea. Mom xoxo