Sunday, April 25, 2010

Energy in Motion

While I am considerably fascinated with the stars, the skies, and all things above, my actual book knowledge is minimal. However, upon hearing the word 'Supernova' repeatedly in the last week, I felt I might be drawn to how it relates to my life right now. The definition spoke to me...on many levels.

Supernova: "The supernova is bounded by an expanding shock wave, and consists of ejected energy expanding from the explosion. This energy sweeps up and shocks along the way. Perhaps the most famous and best-observed young Supernova was formed by SN 1987A, a supernova that appeared in 1987 (and exploded approximately 168,000 years ago)".

The supernova activates enormous waves of motion. It flings energy into the universe...and takes unexpecting, unsuspecting matter with it. This is not an anticipated event...there is no preparing. The event results in absolute change..there is no choice.

The other side of the supernova is it's longevity. We aren't even aware of it when it actually occurs. If a supernova happened right this very minute...we would never see the burst in our lifetime. Astonomers see the glory of it...the beauty and the triumph of the blast long after the first shock wave. They weren't even born when it began....nor were their parents, or their grandparents....not even ten times their great grandparents. It created absolute motion in history...absolute change for generation upon affected the universe then, now and continues outward.

However...the matter caught in the incredible velocity of the forever flung forward and outward. It spirals out, at great force...affecting that which it touches, because it, itself was forced to leave a familiar, comfortable orbit.

I might not be happy with the supernova events in my life...but they MUST propel me forward, and outward from mundane expectancy. The shock wave whisks me into being a catalyst for change. The awareness begins with an unchangable event...and causes me to affect MY universe, like that which pushed me out of my comfort zone. And just like that supernova originates with a single blast... that which has unmeasurable does each action I choose to affect my world with.

May each extension of kindness, compassion and awareness honour the original detonator...the spark to the dynamite....the match to the wick...the Mikey B. to the Jenny G...xo


  1. This is amazing and you are amazing. I need to link your site to my post. I hope you don't mind. <3

  2. Hi Andrea~ Please do! :) I don't mind! xo

  3. Inspiring and very well said. Thank you.