Saturday, April 3, 2010

Where You Are

All of heaven celebrated on February 13th, 2010, when my friend came back home. That guy in the American Eagle t-shirt and baggy jeans, who had an infectious laugh was ushered into the heavenlies that morning. I believe without a moments pause or a second thought, he was instantly there... to be seperate from the body, means to be present with the Lord. I know there wasn't even a blink of time where he was in between. He merely flashed from time, into eternity.

Life has been considerably different since he went back home...I am certainly not the same woman. My faith is restored, not only in my God, but also in the people I am doing life with. My small circle of eclectic, incredible friends has increased immensely since he went beyond the veil. I am continually blessed...I am daily receiving gifts from this sometimes heavy grief.

Michael's life demonstrated to me, the very character of Jesus. He didn't conform, he called it like he saw it, and he was a fierce defender of those in society who are helpless and defenseless. He was an incredible friend...a friend worth talking about with pride and honour. He confirmed that NO ONE is outside of the love of God. He proved to me, that God will pursue us, and make us believers in His unfailing passion for matter the years of resistance, or denial about his grace, or His very existence. He also proved to me, that you don't have to fit the mould...I don't think he did anything in a traditional sense! But I know he loved God and believed in the blinding power or redemption...even if he said F**K more than anyone I have ever known!

I have been thinking this weekend...Michael is spending this Easter in heaven. Michael gets to wrap his arms around Jesus, and express his gratitude face to face. And Jesus undoubtedly, will look into Michael's sweet brown eyes and say with conviction..." beloved friend, if it had been ONLY you...I still would have chosen the nails". I expect Michael will grab the scarred hands of his Saviour...look down at them with humility, and whisper the only words to be found...."Thank You".

He now has the priviledge of knowing the long term affect his life is going to have on all of us. He can see the beginning from the end, because he is outside of the confines of time. He can see the generations that are going to be altered because of his legacy. I know he didn't think he was that powerful....(his words, not mine!) but I think he forgot about who God had called him to be. I remember saying to him, "Mike, God doesn't call the qualified...He qualifies the called".

This I prepare to go to sleep, I know I will wake tomorrow with the knowledge in my heart that Easter is being celebrated in heaven with my friend. I am picturing my entrance into heaven someday...and the man who will be there waiting for me, arms ready to welcome me...and a radiant smirk, like only he had. I know he will embrace me like he did the last time I saw him, only this will be a welcome...and there will never be anymore seperation or grief. I know, he will look me in the eye, and say, "I've missed you hon..I need to introduce you formally to someone...I think you might already know Him ;)" He will take me to my Saviour, where I will wrap my arms around Him, and get to express my gratitude...face to face. And Jesus will look into my blue eyes, and say with ultimate conviction.." friend, my beloved friend...if it had been ONLY you...I still would have chosen the nails".

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