Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Leap

The leap.

Close your eyes....hard. Cross your fingers...tight. Take a deep breath...fully. Exhale slowly.
It's in those moments of decision, that I believe, your life is created...right in front of your eyes. It doesn't mean it's clear. Not by a long, random shot. But it does mean that you've somehow flung faith out like a boomerang...and have begun to see the comeback.
It's also about doing those things that make little, to no sense to others. It's about surviving brutal scrutiny, mere patches of support, and championing what appears to be a lost or losing cause. It's doing what is non negotiable to the risk of being inauthentic to your convictions for the rest of your life.
Being an innovator can be a lonely venture. Surveillance of actions and behaviours seem to be more scrutinized than any normal, daily activity. Why? Because it's not expected behaviour. It's following your heart while wielding a blade that clears the brush of a completely untrodden path. The excitement of discovery is exhilarating...the work is tireless...but it's worth it. It's all worth it, because it's a masterpiece in the making. What it is, is undecided....until the decision begs being made...and YOU make it.
My journey is as much on the outside, as the inside. My work has found passion has been ignited. I challenge you to find something that makes you feel useful, to feel purposeful...and to feel gloriously alight. So many people talk about finding their purpose...and I am solely convinced....
You don't find your's on the inside of you, and is waiting to be detonated.
The first step?
The scariest.
The first step?
Is one of the best ways to feel ultimately ALIVE.

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