Monday, April 30, 2012


Dear P.~

The road has arrived. The spinning, unsettled wandering has halted. You have caught your balance, steadied your stance, fixed your eyes on a point on the horizon...and you have begun. Begun to walk.

The lost? It's over.
The hurt? It's dying...and being compensated with unending fullfillment.
The anger? It doesn't have to protect you can lay it down and let complete healing begin.

The life you have known, the past that chased you for so long, and pursued you with the intention of consuming's finished. Those hard edges that provided an insurance of sorts...a sure fire way of keeping good out, they're slowly chipping away...crumbling and revealing what they have been so carefully concealing...

An immeasurably valuable masterpiece.

Don't be afraid, dear one. You're braver than you even know. You're infinitely stronger than you could ever fathom. I promise you that your life is out in front of you...and not behind you. All of the underground wishes in the deepest part of your heart for the life you want- they're out there and they're now pursuing you. You'll be amazed. Those things that have made your heart hopelessly thirsty...those real desires for an extraordinary life...they'll creep in, one by one.

And you'll be ready.

Feel it all. Don't run from the real. Take your stance. Whether it be on your tiptoes reaching, looking your demons in the eye and being able to conclusively dismiss them...or on your knees, mindful of the fact that you've layed down the biggest battle of your life...and in doing've won. Feel it. Don't wish away the process. Embrace the fragile beauty of brokenness. Spark those dry and whithered parts inside, and set ablaze all of the pain, crippling disappointment and unending defeat.

It's done.

The rebuild is now. The ashes are glowing...and the phoenix is emerging.

We're imeasurably blessed to bear witness to it.

J. & T.

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