Friday, June 28, 2013

We Are...


It quietly, and stoically stands. It's dignified, strong, and confident. It doesn't draw unnecessary attention to itself - but it will be me, by we - those far away, and those safely within the borders - we will think of all it is to be Canadian.

It's Wheat Kings, and pretty things.
It's skyscraper sized white icebergs drifting in the North Atlantic.
It's small towns and big cities, the corner store, and the CN Tower.
It's mountain air, and campfires...stargazing and satellite spotting over a Great Lake.
It's a hybrid North American- less fearful, more self assured.

It's a blazing red maple leaf in October.
It's poutine in Montreal.
It's a quiet and brash government- from Chretien to Trudeau.
It's standing on the top of Grouse Mountain- and looking out over tree tops to a twinkling Vancouver.

We are First Nations and the Quebecois, cowboys and fishermen.
We are a society of the unarmed...and the disarming.
We are the Tim Horton's nation- double double loving, maple dip ordering, and "keep the change" kind of folks.
We are Thank You and Sorry, we are You're Welcome, and No Problem.
We are clothes sunning and bleaching on a line between July and September.

We are hockey lovers with hope- every season...every year, on the asphalt or an arena.
We are Yonge St. and Robson St. and George St. and Rue St. Catherine.
We are an Okanagan vineyard, and Molson Canadian, and Mill St.Organic Beer.
We are The Hudson's Bay Company's blue, yellow, red and green stripes... 1670 to now.
We are the mosaic- and you are welcome to live here.

We believe that rights are streamlined- from gay marriage to health care.
We believe in music- from dive bar indy cover bands, to a lesbian prairie girl with the voice of an angel.
We believe in Christian values...and Buddhist values...and Muslim values, and Be a Good Person values.
We believe in a greater connection- and that if we can just take care of each other- we'll all be good.
We believe in our own contribution to the world- without attitude..but also without apology.

Ask me what I am proudest of being- and there could be so many answers I boomerang back to you. But now, at this time of year, where we swell with the pride of being in this corner of the world...and belonging here, I will tell you,

                                                                I. AM. CANADIAN.


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