Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Won't Apologize...

When the world feels heavy, or maybe human frailty is just a little more top of mind, I am reminded of the things that I know to be true.

In times of feeling inadequate, or questioned, or scrutinized, I love a perfectly placed reminder of each persons beauty and unique contribution to this planet. Sometimes, the reminders to be true to yourself propel you into the honesty of your being...and you make a list of things you're not going to apologize for.

This is mine.

1. I won't apologize for being kind. Some see it as weakness, some see it as a fault... I don't care- I choose to be kind whenever possible.
2. I won't apologize for loving all things girly- I love makeup and clothes and laughing at inside jokes with my friends, and singing into a hairbrush, and taking goofy pictures. I love smelling good, and getting my nails done. I'll never be a tomboy, sporty, competitive chick...and I like that about me.
3. I won't apologize for moving forward. I've long ago learned, that mulling over the past just steals precious moments from my present and future. So, if it's not working, or has stopped serving my happiness...I step forward, and don't look back.
4. I won't apologize for being a slow runner. So many people have asked me about my time, or my process when I run. I'll never be a competitive runner because I do it for me.
5. I won't apologize for telling people to mind their own business, or to treat me with respect.
6. I won't apologize for loving my family, and spending a lot of time with them. They are my world.
7. I won't apologize for being single. It's not a disease- it's a time in my life.
8. I won't apologize for having wanderlust. I love this world...and not seeing it isn't an option. Maybe that makes me less settled than most...maybe it makes me less rooted...or maybe it leaves me open to opportunity and adventure.
9. I won't ever apologize for being an average sized woman. I refuse to buy into the media's insistance that I need to be emaciated and ripped. I accept the body I live in...it's an amazing place. When I treat it with respect, I feel even better...and that's part of my process in life.
10. I won't apologize for trying to kill my inner cynic. It's hard work to look at a world where children are shot, bombs go off at a marathon and people celebrate the shortcomings of others. To remain optimistic and positive is essential to a fulfilling life. I could hate this world. I could live in fear. I could- but I won't.
11. I won't apologize for being true to my convictions, and 100% steadfast in what I believe. I believe in God, I believe in justice, I believe in mercy. I believe I know a mere shred of His goodness and plans for me. I believe that trusting Him is the best way to live my life.
12. I won't apologize for choosing to travel through life by way of happiness and peace. Life isn't controllable, and it's so impermanent- so I choose. I choose to be happy at all costs.
13. I won't apologize for seeking authenticity. Living life on the surface serves no one. I seek real people to surround myself with...brilliant, flawed and honest. Those who are journeying fearlessly through life...I like to think those are my people.

What's on your list?



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