Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Circumscribed Life

Stones thrown in a pond....a puddle...a wishing well. What is the inevitable result? Ripples...circles radiating out from the source of the disturbance. And while the ripples fade, and the concentration dwindles the further it is from the source...there was still an initial point of contact that threw the dormant into motion.

Now, what if our lives were the stone...or the penny if you might, that caused this world to be shaken? What if we realised our strongest point of difference, is the first ripple that emanates? After all, it is closest to the source.

Your affect on this world will be most dramatic on the people you do life with. You will support those people more than you might a stranger, because you understand them...you are invested. You will likely be scarred more deeply by someone who has known you a lifetime...a parent, a sibling...a friend. But I tend to think, those are the people we are most inclined to forgive without a moments reservation, because we know their heart...and we don't quit on the people we love.

You matter in your world. And, you are where you are supposed to be, and doing life with those closest to you for an exact, divine purpose. While making a donation to a charity...or taking a soul searching missions trip is an excellent way to keep perspective in life...you are the pebble my friend....in YOUR world...right this very second.

So what to do with this? What to consider when you want to be a better human being? I say, first and foremost...don't wait. I remember telling a dear friend of mine, that the greatest extravagance in life, is the way people waste their chances. He was sobered by this revelation...because he had spent many years throwing it away. I know he was bound to make up for lost time... and I believe he did...rather, I KNOW he did. How do I know? Because he is now on the other side of the veil....and the ripples that have radiated in such a short time since his departure, are truly circumscribed to the source....his much cherished family, his fiercely loyal friends...his incredible coworkers...and the people he selflessly served everyday.

So, if I am to action this provocation...this is the soul of the endeavor.

"Circumscribe: to draw (a figure) around another figure so as to touch as many points as possible. "


  1. I have awarded your blog with the Beautiful Blogger Award!! Pop over and check it out :)

  2. wise words my friend - may they reach others through the very ripple effect you speak of.
    travel well. Annie