Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just the Beginning

I have a confession. This scenario isn't entirely new to me. I can identify with this kind of loss, and outpouring of incredible love...because I have seen it before.

There was this guy...he was my age. He was 33 when he died. He had a very diverse group of friends, similar to our Michael. This group was tight...they went through thick and thin together. Some of them were tradespeople....others were working in government...a few were independently wealthy. But what they did have in common, was the love of their friend....and a fierce loyalty to his causes, and his inextinguishable memory. I think part of the reason they loved him so much, was because he was the glue in this group...and he accepted each of them for who they were no matter what.

When he died quite abruptly...there was a profound, unexplainable loss. Some acted out in anger...some retreated to their thoughts...and others were called from the core of their being to rise up, and carry on with the torch. They banded together to share the story of their friend...they tried to wrap their minds around being without him. What could be done with this tragedy to make it hold some small amount of sense?

They carried on his work. He too worked with and inspired those shunned by society. He was a great man...and his friends were compelled to not let the fire die... and to carry on his mission. They felt at the centre of it all..that this man needed to be forever honoured with acts of compassion towards a society that is deperately needing an open hand of kindness, and a passionate drive to bring dignity back to those who have lost their way.

This man was Jesus.

I have never understood the full weight of the disciples until this very moment. They were friends...loyal, committed...and accepting of each other. They banded together when the loss was too great to bear on just one set of shoulders. They vowed to continue...to not let their friend be forgotten...and to fiercely defend the things he tried so hard to accomplish.

I know Mike would be laughing at this reference right now....LOL...I don't think in his wildest dreams he would have ever expected to be compared to Jesus Christ! ( Don't get a big head there Baskett...it's an analogy.,.;) love you...xo) But I am compelled to draw the parallel to inspire you with this.

Look at what was accomplished...look at the impact this one man had on society..and has all of these many years later. Look at what something as simple as a fierce love for your friend, can represent to your world. We tell his story because we love him...we carry on his work, so what he did up to the point of leaving us, isn't in vain. We open our eyes to the hurting, the lost, and those who may lose hope if we don't step in.

I am compelled to tell you my friends...this is just the beginning.

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