Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hatchet Free

I was curious as to where the term, "Bury the Hatchet" came from today. While I can quite easily guess at the meaning, reading the origin sent my mind revolving to a lateral reflection on life.

Hatchets were buried by the chiefs of tribes when they came to a peace agreement.

"Proclaim that they wish to unite all the nations of the earth and to hurl the hatchet so far into the depths of the earth that it shall never again be seen in the future." Jesuit Relations, 1644

There are two hatchets that need to be buried in this life. Obviously, the ones we wish to swing in retaliation against those who have wounded us...but what about the hatchets we slay ourselves with everyday? What about the old mental messages we retain and become slave to when it comes to the the things we wish were in our realm of possibility? We all believe past lies about ourselves. We believe the broken record of our precarious youth...telling us at some point, we weren't enough.

What would life be like, if all we had heard in our lives was praise and approval? Would we believe our boundaries were non existent? Would we see that hatchet as a way of blazing a trail towards our goals and dreams, instead of cutting ourselves off at the knees, and amputating our possibilities? Because in reality, the hatchet that has been used against us, is not OUR weapon of self has been used by a cowardly, weak, cruel human being, who doesn't weigh their actions against the future. Words are powerful...and when administered with intent, they can either edify or crucify an innocent soul.

So today I choose. To bury the hatchet of past wrongs. To detach from those things that have paralysed me through my life, and caused me to believe I am not capable or worthy of an extraordinary, unbelievable human experience. I choose to forgive...I do it for my own health and future, and realise I am the sum total of ALL my experiences. I choose to look at this life, like I have heard only acclaim and esteem..and have no repeat button pushed on the harmful ipod messages in my soul.

Hatchets be consumed!

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